Friday, 20 January 2012

Lunch Box - Potato Salad with mayo, chicken, corn and jalapeños

This post should have been written yesterday. However, by the time I remembered to photograph my lunch I had already eaten it.
Luckily I still had one lunch left.

Salad: Potato Salad with mayo, chicken, corn and jalapeños
Fruit: Tinned berries with no-fat yoghurt
Treat: Carrot and Apple muffin

Potato salad is a good option in winter as it's filling and comforting. You can add anything you like - wholegrain mustard, red onions, spring onions, bacon, capers, gherkins or sun-dried tomatoes will all add a lot of flavour to your salad.

For this salad I simply peeled a batch of new potatoes (I measure them out into our lunch boxes first for the right amount), steamed them for 10-15 minutes, then put them in a very large bowl and mixed in the mayo, chopped cooked chicken, 1 drained tin of sweetcorn and a handful of chopped jalapenoes. I also added some left-over cherry tomatoes from our lunch on Monday.

One more note: As healthy and boring the Carrot and Apple muffin looks, it tastes delicious! Exactly like carrot cake. Yum!!


  1. Looks good! Once our kitchen is done I will be back into making lunches and will take all the inspiration I can get, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks hun! I think the trick is to buy really cute lunchboxes - then you'll always want to take a homemade lunch!