Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lunch Box - Homemade bread roll

Main: Homemade bread roll with relish, cheese, tomato, cucumber, beetroot, lettuce and mustard
Fruit: Apple Slices
Sweet: Afghan biscuit, broken in two to fit!

Not a very photogenic lunch today I will admit. I don't often make sandwiches, as they aren't very filling and it's easier to fit in a salad. But over the weekend I made my first attempt at bread rolls with my cheat's Kenwood BM200 Breadmaker so I thought, why not make them lunch-box sized? I started by making a whole wheat dough, following the breadmaker instructions. Then I divided the dough into 6 large flat rolls and let them rise, before glazing, topping with sesame seeds and baking in the oven.

I was never really a fan of sandwiches before I came to London and discovered Pret. Although I don't approve of their sushi, Pret make sandwiches like no-one else. They make sandwiches which you drool over. I've heard the calorie content is not that great, but damn they're tasty. My favourite is the Posh Cheddar and Pickle Artisan Baguette. Mature cheddar, pickle, roasted tomatoes, mayo, red onion and cress. It's amazing. I tried to recreate this using my homemade relish and a few extras like cucumber, tomato and beetroot. I may need a few more attempts before I get it just right, but this wasn't a bad start, tasty and very filling. I mean, look at the size of it!

Incidentally, I was given this breadmaker for free from a work college. It's great, because although I know it's easy to make bread from scratch, I can never actually be bothered. This allows you to throw all your ingredients into the machine and get on with other things while your bread is kneading, rising and baking. And you get to enjoy fresh, additive free bread which you can slice and freeze to stop going stale. I'm going to try a half white/half whole wheat loaf this weekend - exciting!!!

Have you got any favorite sandwich recipes to share?

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