Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lunch Box - Brown Rice Salad

Main: Brown rice with tuna, sweet corn, diced tomatoes and capsicums
Fruit: Tinned peaches
Treat: Carrot and apple muffin

Not a very fancy offering today I'm afraid, but filling and tasty all the same. If the man had his way, we'd be eating this every week. It is quite satisfying, and very simple to make mid-week when your brain is frazzled. I usually add tinned chilli beans for a Mexican flavour, or jalapeños are great too. In fact, you could add anything to this - tofu, chicken, boiled egg or avocado would all be fantastic and give a protein boost.

I've just started with a new yoga teacher this week, as a result I have been pushing myself quite hard (doing the full Series 1 each day), so I feel quite spaced out today. It's incredible how a new teacher can give you that extra push you need to get your body into a new place.

On another note, I've noticed that the lunches have been very repetitive lately, with the same treats every day. This has been due to having a whole freezer full of baking, which we have steadily eaten our way through and now our freezer is nearly empty! So I need to find some good lunch-box sized snacks to bake this weekend. As it's going to be snowing and minus 5 degrees I expect I'll be very happy to spend a day in the kitchen with the oven on and Fleetwood Mac blaring. Just need to check Tastespotting for some good recipes! 

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