Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lunch Box - Butternut squash, potato and dill quiche

Main: Butternut squash, potato and dill quiche and side salad of spinach, tomato and roast capsicum
Fruit: Apple slices
Treat: Afghan biscuits

A big slab of carb-filled quiche today to stave off those winter blues. The temperature is still hovering around 0 degrees (although the snow has thankfully melted) and the bank balance is suffering, having paid in advance for all our summer holidays. The only reasonable thing to do is stay inside and bake. I had the perfect weekend; on Saturday I made a pork ragu and a lemon meringue pie and stayed in, all cosy and warm, watching a Michael Haneke film. It wasn't until I checked my phone around 10.30pm and saw all the Facebook posts along the lines of "Snow!!!" that I realised it had been snowing all afternoon! Our garden was covered in 3 inches of the stuff and I was glad to be at home and not stranded at some nightclub wearing ill-advised footwear. Ah, the joys of getting old(er)...

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