Thursday, 8 December 2011

Detox Update

So it's Day 5 and I have encountered a small hiccup in my detox plan. It was all going pretty well until yesterday when, after 3 days, I awoke with an uncomfortable bloated feeling in my stomach. It lasted all day and put me in a terrible mood. I still forced down my lunch, but couldn't face dinner. I had to wait until the evening to call my mum in NZ (due to the time difference) to ask her advice. She has experienced digestive problems her whole life and also worked as a nurse, so any health problems I have I immediately consult her. What she said surprised me. I've been eating more fruit than usual this week - a banana and half an apple every day, plus dried fruit for snacks. She told me that eating fruit bloats a lot of people, and she herself was tested as being "allergic" to most fruits - not severely allergic, but enough to cause painful bloating after consumption. What a crazy world we live in when fruit causes stomach problems! Apparently some people think it's due to the over-use of genetic engineering and chemicals to grow the fruit, which could be something to do with it. I don't know, but I do know that after taking out my daily dose of fruit today I feel a lot better. I've substituted in wholegrain toast with avocado (no butter!) for my breakfast. I'm not sure if bread is really meant to be in a detox diet, but it can't be doing too much harm!

I'm really enjoying being sugar and dairy free this week. I've still experienced sugar cravings, but have been surprised at how quickly they pass if I nibble on a handful of nuts or an oatcake (that's a kind of Scottish cracker made out of oats - it tastes exactly like bland porridge but for some reason I love them!). I'm hoping some of the healthy habits will stick, like replacing my afternoon chocolate bar with a herbal tea. Stranger things have happened!

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